Monday, May 13, 2013

New look

Hello Readers,
I just wanted to write a quick update and let you know we will be changing up the blog's style, but it will have the same features, content and overall goal.The navigation may change. I will be adding new sections.

New Sections Coming!

I will be posting Business Law notes and then Accounting notes soon. Stay tuned and we will learn together!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Section !!!!!!!!

So now we are going to have a IT notes section. I gotta take notes and do assignments(source code). You guys want to learn this stuff. Let's get started. First I want to say I will not allow others to plagiarize my papers, use at your own risk. If you do something you are not supposed to do it is all on you.

Secondly lets go ahead and get started.

Things you need: C++ programming
  • A flashdrive (4gb or more recommended)
  • A Open mind. 
  • A c++ textbook, almost all are same just get a Dietel C++ how to program. Or you could just utilze this site and several other sites like or or if you are a visual person head over to for videos on this particular subject. 
  • Google as Home page
  • Linux Ubuntu OS just kidding... But I like linux better :p
  • Most importantly a C/C++ complier. I like codeblocks I don't particularly like dev-c++ but you can use that too. 
  • Google Chrome... Just kidding Mozilla is better. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tutorial-Central is coming!

We are happy to announce our newest addition to this site and that is tutorial-central? So what is tutorial-central? Tutorial-central is a place where people can discuss programming language tutorials and watch these tutorials right here. We will be adding homework modules where you can test your skills in an upcoming forum! So stay tuned we have a lot of new things coming!!!